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Microform America offers document scanners comparable both in price and performance to the Kodak i1860 Series with the advantage of higher overall output capacity (scan speeds up to 480ipm) and  advanced color scanning technology unavailable with other document scanners.

Before you overspend on an over-priced IBML, ScanOptics or ImageTrac solution or settle on a Kodak i1860 document scanner, take a minute to evaluate the cutting-edge technology available to you with Microform High-Volume Scanners:

  Ultra High-Speed Scanning-speeds up to 480ipm

   Ergonomic Workplace Design - Height Adjustable Worktable Accommodates Operator in Standing or Sit-Down Position. 

  Best Image™ Scanning with Multi-Dimensional Intelligent Thresholding for crisp, clear images from the most difficult to read originals.  Integrated functions for image enhancement including de-speckle, de-skew, de-shade, line removal, edge enhancement, and more. 

  True Multi-Stream Scanning simultaneously delivers three images (color, grayscale and bi-tonal) from an original. Unavailable in other production scanners.  

  Digital Color Filtering removes unlimited color variations from your image for excellent OCR results. 

  State-of-the-Art Tri-linear CCD Cameras featuring Schneider Kreuznach Lenses.  

  Easy On-Site Color/Speed Upgrade 

  Enhanced Resolution - 200, 300 or 400 dpi

  Belt-free Paper Transport System 

  Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection

Microform's High-Volume Scanners are designed specifically for production scanning applications such as census forms, tax returns, loan applications and invoices.  Our state-of-the-art high-volume scanners define the measure of productivity and efficiency for all production environments.  Built to the highest standards of German engineering with only the finest materials and integrated cutting-edge document capture software, Microform High-Volume Scanners maximize production by virtually eliminating scanning interruptions. 

Microform America offers a state-of-the-art microfilm developer.  Many government agencies and corporations use microfilm technology today to comply with legal requirements like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, to be prepared for audits, to protect intellectual property or just enjoy the peace of mind which comes with this safe approach to record keeping.

Documents recorded on select microfilm media via archive writers can have a life expectancy of up to 500 years and do neither require any decoding upon retrieval nor constant updating to new file formats like digital files. Even after centuries, microfilm records are easily accessible and legible, and provide a reliable way to keep your records protected from aging, destruction, alteration and tampering.

FP505  Microfilm Archive Processor

  Processing of 16 mm and 35 mm films in daylight, - the films can be perforated or imperforated.

  Leader cassettes for film lengths of up to 305mm

  Variable speed up to 4 m/min.

  New System Design with state-of-the-art technology and materials meets international compliance requirements such as safety- and RoHS standards.

  Easy and Clean Handling of Chemicals does not expose the standard operator to potentially hazardous substances, nor does it require the use of rubber gloves and apron during the refilling and draining process.

  Automatic film feed

  Electronic monitoring of the developing process

  Optional electronically controlled regenerating unit

  Optional base unit with cleaning basin


Microform's new FP 505 film processor for developing microfilms is cutting-edge technology and an efficient part in the production chain. The completely new concept of this daylight developing machine guarantees perfect results to meet the high demands of microfilm processing with regard to long-term durability, archiving security and high throughput. The system is a desktop unit that can also be supplied with an optional cabinet and cleaning basin or additionally with an automatic replenish unit.


Microfilm Archive Processor



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