Microform Leads the Market for High-Volume Scanners with Experience & Innovation 

Microform America is a member of the Microform Imaging Group headquartered in Germany and is its official U.S. Distribution and System Integration Partner.   

Microform GmbH, the exclusive manufacturer, was founded back in 1994 – initially with the aim of ensuring the production and sales of Agfa's successful and now legendary ADMIS CD 51 Rotary Camera for microfilms. Since then, Microform has continued to develop and expand its product range, always focused on the growing needs of the market, and totally in accord with the company's Best Image Quality concept.

Today Microform's product portfolio entails high-end document scanners designed for smooth processing of large volumes of documents, generating color and black-and-white images as desired. By combining these scanners with powerful software tools, we are able to implement flexible and economical solutions for the most varied of applications at production level.

Furthermore, Microform is one of the few experienced specialists who still understands the ins and outs of microfilm, and we take pride in supplying the market with state-of-the-art microfilm solutions. All of our units, digital and analog, have been thoroughly tried, tested and proven in the field and are 100% user-oriented.

Microform’s knowledge and expertise is built on a solid foundation of over twenty years of experience in production scanning, document archiving, micrographic equipment, engineering and construction of high-volume document scanners.   The focus of our team of engineers is on introducing only the latest technology to our customers.  Unlike other document scanner manufacturers, Microform encourages an open relationship between our customers and engineering team in order to consistently introduce technology that comes directly from your suggestions and requests.     


Our Mission Statement

At Microform we are committed to providing you with the highest quality high-volume document scanners, cutting-edge document imaging solutions and superior customer service. 

For more information about our document scanners or document imaging solutions, please contact us today.


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Microform America & J&K Imaging team up for AIIM Show where the Microform MFS High-Volume Scanners were introduced to the American market



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