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MF S700 - Efficiency at all levels

microform announces new product in time for DMS EXPO 2010 in Stuttgart.

Microform's impressive new MF S700 high-performance scanner system offers high productivity and user friendliness.

microform GmbH, based in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany, and a leading supplier of capture solutions for the high-volume segment, will be hosting a world premiere at this year's DMS EXPO in Stuttgart (Hall 7, Stand 7D37) – its new MF S700 high-performance scanner system. This machine is particularly suitable for sophisticated digitization solutions and features top-level productivity. With its ergonomic design and simple and convenient control concept, it offers great versatility and excellent economy. 

DMS EXPO is Europe's leading trade fair for digital information and document management and will be taking place this year from October 26 – 28, at the same time as the "IT & Business" exhibition in Stuttgart. Digitization and the capture of documents are the basis of every document management system and it's precisely here that microform provides for maximum efficiency at all levels with its scanning systems. For sophisticated digitization solutions in particular – such as employed for paperless document processing or archiving – require high-performance scanning systems that meet the wide range of demands with respect to the quality and quantity of documents. 

The new MF S700 high-performance scanning system from microform is a real trend-setter. Its tiered model range concept comprises three versions, the top-of-the-range model boasting a scanning speed of up to 200 ppm. The MF S700 is equipped with an integral patchcode sorter that enables a specific document type to be sorted out of the stack automatically in real time while scanning is in process. This allows you to reuse patchcode sheets. In addition, the Smart Color Detection function is capable of detecting color-coded markers, which means there is no need for additional patchcode sheets in the first place. The system's LED lighting guarantees uniform illumination of the documents, is ready for action straight away (no warmup phase) and has a very long life span. Depending on the model, the camera has a resolution of 400 or 600 dpi. The tried-and-tested, unique paper transport system of microform scanners has been further optimized for the MF S700. The feeder is equipped with three-sensor, ultrasonic double-sheet detection and a memory function for the batch height.

One of the key factors that shaped the design and development of the new MF S700 were the ergonomics of the system as a whole. This includes the user-friendly color touchscreen that enables direct interaction between the user and the system. The workplace concept is production-oriented and makes the system very comfortable to use thanks to the motorized height adjustment feature. The side-mounted work surfaces give the user the space and convenience required to optimize the flow of documents through the scanner. The system is equipped with a switchable paper transport system with document delivery either at the front or at the back of the unit. Straight-through document feed with delivery at the rear of the system saves rerouting the sheet and eliminates any risk of damage when handling flimsy documents for instance. All systems are equipped as standard with an imprinter and endorser.

"We have always seen DMS Expo as an important platform for exchanging information between us, as the supplier, and users, enabling us to meet the future demands of our customers", emphasizes Andreas Klinke, Managing Director of microform GmbH. "Our MF S700 high-performance scanner system is the direct result of this dialog and precisely tailored to the needs of users of high-volume digitization solutions. Those people who come to the fair will be able to see the system in action for themselves." microform's portfolio is completed by the user-friendly and production-oriented DpuScan capturing software of microform's technology partner, Janich & Klass, with whom microform will be presenting its scanning solutions on a joint stand, like at last year's DMS EXPO.



Preview of DMS EXPO 2009:

Sophisticated capture solutions

 The core competence of microform GmbH are sophisticated capture solutions for the high-volume segment. These universal high-performance scanners process all sorts of documents on varying paper grades, with flexibility and performance always being our top priorities. The Smart Color Detection function of microform's scanners combines intelligent color detection with automated color control. This eliminates the need for complex manual sorting and preparatory work as well as cost-intensive patch code sheets. At the same time, certainty and dependability when using detection technologies are improved. In addition to its own systems for centralized scanning applications, microform also supplies products for decentralized, department-level scanning applications. It's product range also includes systems for long-term archiving on microfilm as well as hybrid systems that combine both the speed and flexibility of digital archiving with the security and economy of microfilm. The portfolio is completed by the user-friendly and production-oriented DpuScan capturing software of microform's technology partner, Janich & Klass, with whom microform will be presenting its scanning solutions on a joint stand, like at last year's DMS EXPO. 

Andreas Klinke,
Managing Director of microform GmbH:

"We have always seen DMS Expo as an important platform for exchanging information between us, as the supplier, and users, enabling us to meet the future demands of our customers."



Janich & Klass Takes Over microform
The former system partner will continue as an independent enterprise.

Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH from Wuppertal, a leading supplier of products in the ranges of industrial PC technique and Document Imaging, announces the take-over of the scanner manufacturer microform GmbH (Waiblingen). Since September 2008, microform has been the system partner of Janich & Klass, and it will continue operating as an independent enterprise sited in Waiblingen.

The two equal shareholders of the Janich & Klass GmbH, Dietmar Janich and Ulrich Klass, have purchased all the shares from the former shareholders of microform GmbH (www.microform.de), and now they are the new owners of microform GmbH, each with a 50 percent shareholding. The partners maintain silence on the purchase price, nevertheless all payments have been made, and the commercial registration has been completed. Microform GmbH now becomes a sister company of Janich & Klass GmbH, but it will continue as an independent enterprise with its site in Waiblingen. Roland Reinberger, the former majority shareholder of microform GmbH, will soon reach 65 years of age and will leave the company. Nevertheless, with his longstanding experience and his national and international contacts, he will remain available to the company on request, as a consultant. "Due to their high regard within the Industry, the considerable amount of expertise and longstanding experience of the two new proprietors Dietmar Janich and Ulrich Klass, I am convinced that microform GmbH will continue successfully in the market, and the jobs of our staff and the care of our clients are guaranteed" said Roland Reinberger.

Microform will retain their entire staff. So, Jόrgen Fross remains Manager of microform. In future, he will report to Dietmar Janich. Andreas Klinke, the former Sales Manager , will become responsible of sales in Germany. Wolfgang Urban, the former Manager for Export and Logistics, is responsible for sales activities outside Germany. Walter Bartke, former Manager for Service and Support, will remain responsible for Service.

"Synergy will result for both companies not in cost savings, but in strengthened support and development" . says Dietmar Janich explaining the take over. "In future, microform GmbH will strengthen its focus in the sales of DpuScan and will utilize the Presales Support from Janich & Klass. In return, Janich & Klass GmbH as a technology company will develop the microform scanners further, and will certainly benefit from the longstanding experience of the microform service."

Janich & Klass and microform GmbH have been business partners for many years. So, all scanners from microform GmbH are equipped with image processing technology manufactured by Janich & Klass. Furthermore, microform GmbH is the sales partner for the scan software DpuScan made by Janich & Klass.


Dietmar Janich, Janich & Klass GmbH and Roland Reinberger, microform GmbH



Customized solutions for digitalizing archives
Microform at Archivistika (September 16 – 18) in Erfurt

Every archive is different. And this statement of fact applies not only to the paper format and quality of the documents, but also to the criteria according to which the documents are archived in order to guarantee fast access to valuable pieces of information. If a decision is made to digitalize such an archive, this requires customized solutions that meet the individual needs of the respective user. How this task can be tackled is to be presented jointly by microform GmbH and OIA GmbH at the Archivistika, which is being held September 16 to 18 in Erfurt, eastern Germany, as part of the German Archiving Conference (Deutscher Archivtag).

A prime example of such a task is that of a digitalization project for the Archive for Christian Democratic Policy (ACDP) (please have a look at Press Release 2-2008 "Q2 – Quantity and Quality") of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the coordination of which has been outsourced to oia GmbH. On the hardware side, oia has gone for a combination of a S 655 Premium Color Scanner from microform with two QSI modules for quality assurance, indexing and full-text OCR. "What's important to us is not only that the hardware functions fast and flexibly, but that the software also offers flexibility in expansion and upgrading in line with our applications", says Dr. Hubert Salm, Managing Director of oia, explaining the decision.

The documents, which have been marked with colored dots beforehand, can be assigned to the subsequent processing steps right from the point of scanning thanks to the scanner's built-in automatic color detection functionality. The two QSI modules are used at the ACDP to later index the image files according to their signatures, the date and the source. In addition, full-text OCR is conducted, for which OIA has written a special filter program that filters just the index information wanted and nothing else. "The DpuScan software used in microform's systems is flexible enough to enable us to add on, without any problem, functions to match our own particular requirements", says Salm.

Visit us at the Archivistika in Hall 2, Booth 19 of the Erfurt Trade Fair



Automatic, reliable, efficient
At the DMS EXPO 2008 in Essen, Germany, which will run from September 9 to 11, microform will be exhibiting solutions for processing incoming mail and invoices.

Automated processing of incoming mail and invoices – this means state-of-the-art tools that help you organize your typical working day more efficiently. The foundation for an economical total solution is provided by the great flexibility of microform's multistream scanning systems. These systems enable fast, reliable and space-saving storage of large volumes of documents in black and white, grayscale or color. Document management is aided by the high level of efficiency of the automated color management system.

Like at this year's CeBIT in Hanover, microform GmbH will present its ingenious scan&solutions for medium- and high-volume applications jointly with its technology partner Janich & Klass from Wuppertal, Germany, which provides the processing software for the capturing systems. This gives microform an opportunity to stage a direct trialog between itself as the scanner specialist, Janich & Klass as the software producer, and the customers as the users.

Engaging in an intensive exchange of ideas and aiming to achieve continuous improvements to its solutions, microform – together with Insiders Technologies GmbH from Kaiserslautern, specialists for intelligent incoming mail processing and business process optimization – is currently holding seminars on this topic. This 'extracurricular' activity is in addition to the scan&expert's presence at DMS EXPO 2008.

You will find us in Hall 7.1 on Booth B070 A071 at this year's DMS EXPO in Essen.




New perspectives in Hall 3
microform and Janich & Klass join forces to present efficient capture solutions at CeBIT – CeBIT 2008 from March, 4-9

Fast processing of large volumes of documents of all conceivable formats and paper grades – that's one of the specialties of the production scanners designed and built by microform. But the process becomes really efficient when premium hardware is optimally combined with ingenious software. All microform's high-performance scanners are therefore equipped with the sophisticated DpuScan scanning software devised by Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH.

In light of this, CeBIT 2008 in Hanover will – for the first time – see microform present its intelligent and flexible scan&capture solutions for medium- and high-volume applications jointly with and on the same booth as its technology partner from Wuppertal, Germany. This joint sales presence will focus on the issues of incoming mail and automated invoice processing. The foundation for an economical, total solution is provided by the great flexibility of microform's multistream scanning systems. These systems enable space-saving storage of large volumes of data in black and white, but if necessary also allow you to generate and archive grayscale or color images. The flexible processes are supported by microform's Smart Color Detection, which is likewise founded on the ideal combination of microform's scanner hardware and Janich & Klass' DpuScan software and combines intelligent color detection with automatic color processing. In this way, microform's systems always ensure perfect image quality together with the maximum possible degree of flexibility and economy.

"We're using the change of location at CeBIT as an opportunity to intensify the trialog between the scanner specialist, the software company and the user", explains Andreas Klinke, Marketing and Sales Manager at microform GmbH. "It will allow us to join forces to further enhance the performance of our products – fully in line with our Best Image Quality concept and the standards we set ourselves in all we do."

Visit us at CeBIT 2008 in Hanover in Hall 3 on Booth B 55.






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