Microform offers the best performing high-volume scanners, document scanners, high-speed scanners that outperorm kodak scanners from Eastman Kodak  
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Overview Features Specifications  

Scanning Mode: 2 x CCD cameras (front and back).  Separate exposure positions for high quality duplex scanning. 


Document Sizes: 

Minimum 30 x70 mm  

Maximum 305 x 6,000 mm

Resolution: 200, 300 and 400 dpi (selectable)

Paper Weight: 40 - 250 g/m

Contrast Adjustment: Flexible threshold settings integrated via ICE Board

Bound Documents: Max 5 pages (stapled)

Scanning Performance: (In A4, Landscape) 

Document Thickness: Max 2.5 mm

200 dpi

300 dpi

400 dpi
SX 240 ppm  175 ppm 120ppm Options:

Manual Feeding Table

Semi-Automatic Feeder


Base Units: Fixed Height or Motorized Work Table


(Technical Specifications May Change Without Notice)

DX 480 ipm 350 ipm 240 ipm
Document Transport: Reliable paper transport with roll bearing system (belt-free) for reduced paper jams and maximized throughput. 

Video (Fujitsu Compatible)








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